Advice to group organisers

(We give you a free ticket if you organise 9 or more people to come to one of our public ceilidhs)

Get the money first! Give your friends a deadline by which they must pay you and tell them that after that they'll need to contact us independently.

If you want to sit together, get enough people there about 7.30pm to reserve a row of seats. First come, first served.

Don't meet in a pub outside the venue first. Almost always somebody is late and this makes the whole group late. The venue is usually open by 7.30pm and the bar by 7.45pm. The bar is cheaper than any other one around the venue. Meet at the venue.

Try to arrive together. This makes it easier for you and our people at the door.

We start with slow easy dances and get gradually faster and more complicated. You are less likely to hurt yourself if you arrive in time and warm up with a slow dance first.

Ladies: Please don't wear high heels or stiletto heels. It's dangerous for you and also for other customers.

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